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Master Anglers – D’alton – Musgrave – ZigZag

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, fishing success at D’Alton Lake means our remote cabin adventures are back in the headlines.
JonathanPAug2708 CaribouAug27Dalt08The Peaster party, a dad and three sons had a great trip. It seems good luck follows them from camp to camp and this year a 28in Walleye for Jonathan was further proof. Their good fortune in seeing both woodland caribou and northern lights played right into the plans of Noah who brought along his camera. Thanks for the pics Noah.

The group that followed them into D’alton had equal luck. From Wisconsin, Cindy Coy’s 26in Walleye put her on the Master Angler list.

From Musgrave Lake, a short portage takes anglers to Kilbarry Lake, and that is where Jim Behring caught and released his 41in Pike.

ZigZag, welcomed the Davis party, from Illinois with both a 26in Walleye and 40.5in Pike -big enough for Steve to earn his Master Angler Pins.

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