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Master Anglers Check in From Makokibatan

Wilderness North staffThis week was another great week at Makokibatan Lodge. We enjoyed our time with the Renninger group of 16 from Pennsylvania. Leo reported catching a 34-inch walleye while fishing with First Nation guide, Issac Nate. Unfortunately, while Leo was measuring the big girl, it wiggled out of his hands before the photo was taken. He also had a 29-inch Master Angler class walleye. Three other anglers in the group also earned their Master Angler Pins, including: Brenden from Beaver Falls with a 27-incher on white/red jig; Grant who registered his 27-incher on a yellow jig; and Dillon who caught and released a 28 inch big girl on an all white jig and tail.

Donald of Indiana came to the lodge for a five day trip with son and twelve year old granddaughter Gabbie who had a wonderful trip. She didn’t quite get a Master Angler walleye, but did catch and release a 25-incher. Meanwhile, Donald managed to pull one in at 26-inches….good enough to become at Master Walleye Angler.

Also, the Francis group from Ohio were at our outpost cabin this past week. Two Master Anglers developed from their group – 12-year old Carson from Vandalia, Ohio with a 26-inch walleye, and his dad, Evan had a 27-inch walleye.  They reported catching 229 fish in one day, with 220 over 20-inches. They reported that this good fortune came at rock point near the lodge. They also caught 127 pike and reported that most were over 30 inches, with the biggest being a 34-inch Ms. Toothy.

…Meryl and Bernard Carroll

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