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Master Anglers add up as the Original Tweeter is Revealed

With very settled – and down right enjoyable – weather, our anglers and our pilots and camp managers have gotten into a nice rhythm this past week. Angling continues with rapid paced late spring patterns and groups at all of our destinations are reporting excellent cast to catch ratios on lakes large and small. The Pike are still – from time to time – at dawn and dusk – patrolling the shallows – deeper on clear days with high skies. The Walleye are done with spawn and pulled out to deeper drop offs – with occasional wanderings into shallow waters in low light conditions.

And how about Makokibatan Lake? True to form, there’s a master angler in most boats, with big, healthy Walleye everywhere on the big Albany River filled lake.

He was tweeting before tweeting was on the internet. Four years ago we welcomed and outfitted outdoor writer Eddie Nickens, and conservationist-birder Dr. Jeff WellsDr Jeff Wells to the Ontario boreal. Their purpose was to sand Craneevaluate the eco-system’s condition, and prepare a cover story for Audubon Magazine.

Along the way Dr. Wells – photo right – digitally recorded songbirds and now those songs are available by computer links. His evaluation of the eco-system is surprising… and we chatted with him for a podcast to fill in the details. You will find the interview quite interesting Click Here to listen.

If you are interested in getting the links to hear the songbirds – click here and leave us your e-mail address.
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