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The End of the Year At Makokibatan

Eli Baxter, guide extraordinaireWhat a great and final week here at Makokibatan Lodge on Ontario’s historic Albany River. Beautiful weather, lots of enormous and unbelievable numbers of fish. We had the Kempf group from Wisconsin this week, who again, had a wonderful trip to camp. They were great guests. Leo of Wisconsin caught and released a 27-inch walleye good enough to earn another Master Angler pin. The Gallagher father and son  party came in for a three day trip, and the Conn group from Ontario were really impressed with service and fishing -especially the guiding by our First Nation guide, Chief Eli Baxter.

There are no more guests scheduled for this year, however, we are staying put a few weeks to finish up the painting and renovation projects we began about a month ago. We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the guests we’ve had in camp this summer and hope they all return next year. We have learned that this part of the 600 mile long Albany River is ripe with trophy walleye, aggressive pike, and those famous Albany River brookies – no wonder so many folks come back so often. Booking early for 2010 is a great idea and when you call ask about the “Reel Deal” to save on your future trip.

Meryl & BernardWe will be returning again next season and hope to see you in 2010.
Have a great winter.
Bernard and Meryl

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