Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Makokibatan Lodge

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Makokibatan Magic

Hello folks! What a hot summer we’ve had so far. This week was no exception with fantastic weather; temps over 80*F with bright sun and a light cool breeze. It’s hard to believe that in another week we will be at the half way mark.

It’s interesting how the summer takes on a new meaning each week. The job, the friendships, and the challenges associated with working at a remote lodge seem to be all consuming at times. I think I am starting to settle in a bit and become more in-tune with the natural surroundings. For those of you heading up to the area in the near future, you can finally expect to see water levels dropping which means sandy beaches are appearing everywhere -making the scenery even more breathtaking. The increased shorelines have created perfect habitats for birds, adding to the Makokibatan magic. Eagles are flying all about, and by sweeping the shore line you can see them perched proudly, spreading their wings as you get near. Loons are also a common sight and will more than likely fish with you. Spotting a group of loons diving is a sure sign that there‘s fish around! By the way, the walleye have moved to the points and shoals of the lake and were very abundant this past week.

Speaking of fish, let’s get on with the report and see what new stories emerged this week. As soon as I met the Klein party I knew it was going to be a fantastic week. These two friendly couples found the perfect balance between lounging in their cabins at the lodge and spending lots of time fishing. One of the couples, Jerry and Dorothy, had a great experience with Dorothy stealing a 25inch pike out of the water with a lure lodged down its throat. An eager eagle, a true predator, swooped in to pluck the weakened Pike from the water and fought to escort it to shore, as it thrashed back and forth -Wow, what a catch! I can only imagine how majestic it was to witness this primal event.  Along with the pike, Jerry and Dorothy caught plenty of walleye averaging 22-23inches; alas, no master anglers for this group but great catches nonetheless!

Elsewhere on the water, we had some serious fishermen, and fisherwomen! Dan and Laurian, locals from Thunder Bay, Ontario joined us for a good time. The pair ended up catching over 200 fish, a few trophies, a couple of baby walleyes, and at one point Dan even hooked his own lip! (Small tip: boaters should not hold hooks in their mouth at any time while in the boat…period!)

Jigs, Spinners, and Tiger-Tails seemed to be the bait of choice as the Kempf group tore up the water, with some serious fishing. Richard Stelmach hauled in two beautiful trophies, a 26 and a 28 inch Walleye, along with a 35 ½ inch pike! Making a name for himself, Loren stood out from the quartet as the group’s comedian. He and his partner sailed in the ‘windbreaker’ reeling in numerous 24inchers while learning a few good “Newfie” jokes. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment, especially at shore lunch. The hot days have resulted in a bit of adventure.  I was guiding the other day and after hitting some great fishing holes, we were hit hard by a wall of rain and decided to race back to the lodge as the lightening lit up the sky and the booming thunder shook the boat –definitely an adventure to remember, possibly my best yet at Makok. It’s still not too late to book your own late summer fishing adventure deep in the remote wilds, fishing is sure to remain excellent up here for quite some time.


Until next week…

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