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Makokibatan Is Leading the Standings For Master Anglers

Despite the random weather, ranging from really hot to stormy and cool, the Nemec group from Wisconsin and Minnesota thought that the fishing at Makok was excellent. The group covered a lot of water as they fished the reefs and bays of “walleye ally”, the river, “the cut”, and the mouth of the “back lake”. They worked water depths ranging from 20-24ft and kept their rods full of action all day; the average length of walleye was 22 to 23 inches. The group used their own combination of jigs, chartreuse and orange minnows, lazy eyes, spinner bait, and doctor spoons to catch their fish. All six anglers earned master angler pins, catching a combined total of 16 trophy sized walleye…….WOW! Congratulations to all! Nina caught a 29in, Doug caught 6 ranging from 26-28in, Rob got three ranging from 26-29 in, John caught three as well with one at 27in, and two at 26in, Tom caught a 26in and Ron caught two 26in.

The Gentile group from Montreal and Costa Rica, also had a great time fishing and managed to catch two trophy walleye in the shallower waters by the reef. Fishing with jigs; white, yellow, orange, and black spoons; and mepps lures in 10-15 ft of water our master anglers Danny and Oissan caught a 27 in and a 26.5 in walleye. Makok takes the trophy walleye record once again!

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