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Makok Summer Kick-Off

At Makokibatan lake, the fishing is fair and “Ferris”. The June opener saw some wonderful guests to help break the ice and warm up the water with some ‘hot’ fishing. The hot streak continues. As this week came to a close there was a total of over 20 trophy walleye caught and released. The only and best spot to keep these magnificent specimens is in the lake where they belong. So far the only guest complaint has been not having enough time in the day to fish. With tight lines all day, the week goes by way too fast here at Makokibatan lodge!

So who was here taking advantage of such great fishing you ask? Well here goes. This past week of June 7th to the 14th, we welcomed the Janis group, the Roselli party, and Tom Ferris & company. On a little side note this was Mr. Ferris’s 18th year, and he returned to Makokibatan for what he mentioned was one of his best years here!

Newcomers to Makok, the Roselli trio experienced a father and son adventure which totally blew their minds. Nick managed to snag a wonderful 27inch walleye and was very proud of his Master Angler catch. The Janis group couldn’t have been happier with their trip. In one day the five of them caught over 250 fish! Over the course of the week the group caught nine master anglers, the biggest measuring in at 29 inches. In their words “it was the best fishing trip ever”.

The Ferris group was a pleasure as always, and we were quite honoured to have them return. The large group of 12 consisted of both expert and novice fishermen. When they weren’t tearing it up on the water they were laying it down at the poker table –good times all around. The Ferris crew couldn’t get enough and fished until their hands were sore, landing an impressive total of 1500+ fish. Marty led the group with five Master Anglers including a 29in walleye. Marty and Doug Fitch even managed to catch the same fish; casting down walleye alley at the same time they both fed their lures into a hungry pikes mouth… talk about a tooth ache! The other group members reeled in some nice sized brookies suggesting a promising brook trout fishery this year. Saving the pike for last, Duo Tom and Ed scored 2 respectable 38inch northern pike.

Being the seasoned pro that he is, Tom Ferris pulled some strings and took me out for an evening of quality lake time where he taught me some of his tricks to reel in consecutive catches. This was of course purely job related so I could perform quality checks on the Makok fisheries. In conclusion the fishing is absolutely amazing! We look forward to welcoming the next round of guests and helping them create some life long memories.
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