Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Makokibatan Lodge

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Makok Delivers Yet Again


Last week, June 1st to the 7th, the weather was sunny and warm, the fish were biting hard and often, and the staff at Makokibitatan lodge had the privilege of serving many enthusiastic anglers. The Lillie party joined us again this year because they can’t seem to get enough of the lake and its relaxing environment. Also returning for some Makokibatan magic was the Martin group, and last but not least some new friendly faces followed in the “Cowdry” crew. Word floated around camp that for these groups it was their best fishing experience ever, a perfect combination of big fish on the line and fair weather. Let’s not forget the wonderful food from the kitchen and the “shore lunch” -a fishermen’s favorite around here!  Having said all that, let’s get down to the details of the week and see if anybody was able to take a crack at this seasons 29 inch walleye master angler record.

First off, just wanting to let everyone know that with lots of guests and many great eaters we’ve been filleting fish like crazy. Luckily we have two dedicated locals here with us this year, Kash and Eli are superb at the art of fish cleaning. My “Newfoundlander” skills are sure coming in handy as I join in with some other staff to help with this seemingly never ending task to ensure there are lots of walleye for the hungry anglers!

Back to the water, the Cowdry guys had a strong sense of adventure and were busy exploring every nook and cranny of the lake trying to satisfy their curiosity. During their travels they happened to see an eagle swoop in and catch a fish, and even managed to snap a few great shots of a swimming caribou.To top it all off they also managed some spectacular fishing. Amongst their haul was a 31.75in pike and a formidable 24 ½ walleye -no complaints about those fishing results.  As for the Martin and Lillie groups, they both scored one Master Angler each. Austin and his father Scott teamed up to land one 29in trophy walleye, and Makok Veteran Doug Peash was more than happy to reel in the second 29in walleye of the week. On a trip down river Ben Lillie managed to haul up a 22in brook trout  with bright red and white gills. It appears Maokokibatan Lake is blooming trophies like flowers and the anglers luck is as good as any four leaf clovers.

As we move into June, it seems summer weather has befriended all of us here at Makokitbatan Lodge and everything is going well. Stick around for more updates and cool stories. You never know who might haul in the next 29+in walleye and set a new record for this year!

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