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Makok Delivers 12 Walleye Master Anglers – 3 Pike

The Caldwell group of twelve from Michigan, Colorado, and Wisconsin were at Makokibatan Lodge this past week. They targeted their angling in depths from 2ft-15ft with good rbrook trout Makokesults ranging from 18-24-inch Walleyes and 21-30-inch Pike. Becoming a Master Angler, Tom caught a 26 in Walleye, along with Chris and Chad of Portage, Michigan, while Andy and James both of Madison, Wisconsin each caught 40-in Pikes. The Pike were taken on jigs with twister tails, green and white, jointed Rapalas, Hot-n-Tots, Mouse and Frog look-a-likes, and Zara Spooks.

The Gildea’s, a group of six guys from Michigan and Indiana, had just as much luck on the lake, where they fished water depths from 4-30 feet. There were five Master Angler fish caught by this group, Mike with a 26-in Walleye, Arlend caught two Walleye both 27 inchers. They caught these fish on jigs and minnows. The hot colour of the week for them was yellow.

The last group in camp, Mike Malcoun and his four friends from Michigan and Georgia said that fishing this time around was “surprising.” They found fish at sand point, the cut, Walleye alley, Pike point, and down the river. Their average length for the Walleye was 18-20 inches and for Pike it was 20-30 inches. Everybody in that group caught a Master Angler Walleye; Mike, George, Ray, and Mikey all reeled in Walleye over 26in  on white and green jigs, and Dardevles.

The outpost group, six Ontario anglers with Tom Campbell as their leader had a fantastic fishing trip. They also located good Walleye at the cut, Walleye alley, sandy point, and the shoreline, mostly in 22-25-inch categories, in 5-10ft of water. John Popelas, of Toronto, was the Master Angler of the group with his a 40-inch Pike which he caught on a 1/4oz white jig head with a twister tail at the south channel in 4-feet of water. The hot colours were green, white and pink for the jigs and the Little Cleos.

Makok Lake has a big reputation for big Walleye, and this past week saw anglers keep that reputation alive.

The two photos of nice Brook Trout are from the Milliken Group two weeks ago.

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