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Magic at Makokibatan!

The first week of guests at Makok was a real winner. We welcomed some long time guests as well as first time visitors to the lodge. Dean M.and crew along with Jimmy B. and the boys were old pros when it came to Makok and it’s walleyes. Bill and his group, long time Wilderness North guests tried their luck at Makok for the first time–and they weren’t disappointed. The group had 2 master angler walleye to add to their boards.

We received a letter from Marty, (Jim’s group) and thought what better report than right from the source. He sums it up pretty well. It was a great opening week at Makok, a sign of great times to come.

“Each year we make our annual trip up to Makok to enjoy the fishing adventure of the year.  Some of us have boats and cottages that we enjoy throughout the year, but the trip to the Albany River is the highlight of our recreational time.

Makok allows you a unique fishing experience.  Not only for the wonderful amenities of the lodge, its staff and wonderful dining experiences but the incredible walleye fishery that continues to astound me each year.

Walleye Alley that lies on the western end of the lake, has moving waters from the contributing Albany River, provides us with great early season action using F-9 or F-11 Rapala artificial baits in dark colours that resemble the bait fish available to the post-spawn walleye.  Great luck was had with the use of 1/4 to 3/8 oz. jigs tipped with either a leach or a medium sized minnow in a variety of colors, but black, orange and yellow are my favourite.

Sand Point, on the northern side of the lake has an interesting structure that always provides us with a habitat for larger walleyes that are both plentiful and hungry.  The trick is to find the trough that exists there that the walleye schools are attracted to.The “cut” that lies just east of the lodge, provides both trolling and jigging action for both walleyes and northern pike.  The evening bite always provides us with post-dinner action that we can sleep soundly on.

On the far northeast shore, before the lake narrows down into the river again, we found large schools of walleyes feeding in the shallows on minnows and other bait fish.  Early morning and after dinner, provided us with the best action.Best of all, was the river trip with our guide Cash, who skillfully navigated us down the tributaries of the Albany, to put us on the world class Brook Trout fishing that exists there.  It is not unusual to catch 4-5 lb. brookies on Little Cleos in 3/4 oz. weight.  This is an anglers dream who enjoys the experience of hooking and landing one of the areas most colorful, and hard fighting fish.  One in which I look forward to participating in each year.The “Makok” experience lasted us only a week, but the memories and stories derived, last a lifetime.”

I would say that his words sum up the first week at Makok! Thanks, Marty, for the wonderful insight, see you next year!

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