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Machawaian Lake

It was about six years ago that Krista and I met this great couple from Newfoundland. Boyce & Alma, Wilderness North staffRandall and Alma Boyce. They agreed to head out to Mojikit Lake and manage our facility there. “Boycee” brings a host of mechanical skills to the camp located on the channel between Mojikit Lake and the Ogoki Reservoir. Alma is a detailed housekeeper, so the cabins there are spotlessly clean every day. Most of all they are a charming and caring couple. Our guests love them, and tell us they return as much for their service and friendship as for the fishing. This week we invite you to listen in on a brief podcast so that you too can get to know them a bit, and perhaps plan your next fly in adventure up at “Moj.” Hear the podcast now.

Machawain Outpost, Wilderness NorthMuch farther north is big Machawaian Lake – our most northern remote cabin adventure destination. Machawaian Lake offers two cabins – with up to 16 beds – and a screened cooking and eating area. The lake is 9 miles in length and 2 to 5 miles wide. At Machawaian, not only do you catch lots of fish, you also catch big fish. Walleyes 2 to 5 pounds are common with 10 pounders possible. The Northern Pike action is fast and furious with many fish topping 20 pounds. This week you can hear a chat with Tom Post, who just got back from “Mach.” Tom, along with his two nephews and father-in-law, won the trip and could not have been more grateful winners.

Isaac Nate, Wilderness North guideLast week’s story on the Isaac Nate rescue of Mike Snider below Miminiska Falls drew more podcast hits than any story we have ever run. In fact, the CBC, the Canadian version of NPR in America, picked up the story to share with their audience. If you did NOT get a chance to hear the podcast, you may

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