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Low Water Tips from the Champ + Who Let The Dogs Out?

Alan Cheeseman -Wilderness North president…Wuff Wuff Wuff Wuff
First off…what a week at Makok. Can you believe 62 Master Angler walleye? Wait ’til you read Bernard and Meryl’s report. That fishery is making Eli Baxter’s prediction – low water = record fishing – come true.

Wilderness North resource staffThis week, Chris Clemmons, long time guest at Wilderness North , and winner of the 2009 Cabela’s Team National Walleye Championship shares his plan for coming out to Whitewater Lake. This podcast conversation gives novice and experienced anglers alike the insights of a champion on fishing strange water with low levels.

Now here is a question from a reader: How well does the OFF “bug fan thingey” you wrote about two weeks ago work? Well, we don’t know. We have discovered that our low water levels also mean very little standing water in the bush and therefore no breeding pools for mosquitoes. We have literally been enjoying sitting on the decks at night with NO BUGS. I afraid that will change soon! Then we try the OFF” thingey!”

Happy belated Fathers Day. Three of our Master Angler stories this week include father/son and father/daughter combos. Robert and Shane Glenn , David and Jake Martin  and father/daughter Bruce and Kim Luetzow . We love watching these combos enjoy the genuine experience of the pure natural boreal creating memories that last a lifetime.

Mary Groeneveld – a guest from Daggett, Michigan was visited by the Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officers…and tells her story of the encounter on the second of two podcasts for this week –click here to listen. Mary tells us that the officers now have a “sniffer dog” that participates in the “inspection.”

I always value hearing from you, and answering your questions, so drop me an e-mail by clicking here. –Alan

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