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Lots of Walleye, Limited Pike Action…

Wilderness North guideThe big northerns of Whitewater Lake took a break last week and let the walleye come out to do some feeding. I often find large pike are extremely sensitive to rapid weather change, and that is what we had last week. The water temperature went from about 75 degrees down to a chilled 58 in a matter of days, a staggering difference. The walleye, however, took advantage of the thick cloud cover and “the walleye chop,” with intense feeding frenzies.

Wilderness North guideScott Earl Smith, our good friend, and avid fly fishermen, brought his wife, daughter, and son-in-law along for a nice little four day retreat to Striker’s Point. They worked hard on the northerns all week in a variety of areas but had little success with large fish. Small fish were abundant, however there is not much you can do when large pike are not on. They just “do nothing,” and no matter how hard you work for them, they will ignore anything and everything you stick in front of them. The good news is that they have to feed sometime… that’s inevitable.

Shane Glenn and his father were back with us as well last week. They reported excellent walleye fishing with 60+ fish days being the average, while using a good chunk of those days also chasing northerns. Shane did manage a 38-inch “gator” on a jig while walleye fishing.

Marvin Hamilton, a.k.a. Tuffy, brought his three friends along for a four-day visit. They made the long trek up from Iowa. These four dealt with some severe wind but managed to salvage each day with good walleye catches in the river outflow. Tuffy was working on a few fish for the pan one afternoon when he looked down and noticed that all that remained of one of his eaters was the head. A vicious northern had stolen part of his lunch. It wasn’t a problem replacing that fish later on that evening, as the dock fishing has been quite hot.

We look forward to welcoming our next guests with cozy cabins, solid vessels, great food, and plenty of fish.
Tight Lines,
Tyler Lancaster

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