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This Lake Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us. (Loons)

 In our last newsletter we featured a special on the life of the loon.  It was really “G “rated. 

You’d think these gentle birds just swim around and sing love songs to each other, while giving the kids free food and free rides all day.   Well mostly they do.  It is not uncommon for a pair of common loons to live a quiet peaceful life on a small lake, until some “butt-in-ski” loon come around and then…  look out. 

 Appleton Wisconsin’s Scott Howard caught such a moment in early august 2021 … on  a little Mitten Lake – in Northern Wisconsin.   It seems that “Fred and Ethel” the loon couple who have been the resident Loon Couple for more than a decade, were enjoying a nice summer day when  the surprise Romeo came around.  


Photo One: 

The Stink Eye:  Ethel swam up and showing no “Boy Howdy” attitude attempts to give the cold shoulder (wing bone) to Romeo.   


7:04pm Aug 4, 2021 


Photo TwoTake that you Brazen Brat: 





7:04:23 pm Aug 4, 2021 


Photo Three:  “Oh ? … you want some more of that? …well take this: 




7:04:38 pm Aug 4, 2021 



Photo Four.  Okay now … scram and find some other lake to invade, and leave us alone !” 





7:04:58 pm Aug 4, 2021 


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