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Live Here Or Just Passing Through?

Wilderness North guide staffIn thinking about the lake trout of Whitewater Lake that is the question.

I recall college classes in which we learned that all fish do not really “think”… and lake trout are no exception. “Lakers” live in places that offer a good match to their temperature comfort zone needs, places where there is plenty of oxygen and plenty of food to eat. For lake trout that means deep, deep, deep, often below fifty feet, in water with a thermo-cline.

However, in early spring these hard fighting and often very large fish are found in the relatively shallow “in-flow” up at Whitewater Lake near our Whitewater Lodge housekeeping camp on the very western end of this Ogoki River 26-mile long lake.

So I asked Jenni McDermid, “What’s up?”…and she thinks they are passing through, as part of their winter “travels.” I respect that point of view, especially from her. I, however, believe that Whitewater Lake may be a permanent home to a few of these long-lived fresh water species.

I tell you more about that idea on the podcast. Listen in Now. I have prepared an article on Whitewater Lake lake trout available for free on our website. Click here to read the article.

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