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So? – you might ask : ….what happened to spring? Many of you, especially those that call the US mid-west home, are especially asking. Well, the geese have returned here to Thunder Bay. They are currently migrating from the ice in the harbour to our lawn, whenever the grass appears and in-between snowfalls. It reminds me of 1996; when I spent most of the previous winter renovating Ogoki Lodge (on Whitewater) with a small crew of carpenters. I recall getting a supply flight with a ski plane on May 9th. The ice went out on most of our lakes by June 1st that year, but, I can remember looking over Lake Nipigon as our aircraft climbed out from the seaplane base, the north half of the lake was still covered with a sheet of ice – on June 9th! I can still see that image as plain as day. We remember the strangest things, don’t we?

Have you heard about – Nature-Deficit Disorder (NDD) ? It’s not a medical condition, but rather a social one. The term was coined by Richard Louv, best selling author of The Last Child in the Woods. There is considerable research on the important roll that exposure to nature plays in our everyday lives; in particular, the life of a child or young adult. These studies show that being grounded by the natural environment in your life has positive benefits for your personal overall health, success in your business or career as well as human bonds and relationships. This makes sense to me. This exposure to nature can be in your own backyard or from a memorable trip to Wilderness North.

For over two decades, we have introduced thousands of persons to a very special place in nature-the remote and remarkable wilderness of Northwest Ontario. Most guests claim it was a fishing trip they signed up for. However, I think fishing is only part of the trip’s benefit- and most guests would agree.   Being in the pure Canadian wilderness is something everyone should do – at least once.  Goodness knows the world could use a little grounding.

Click to learn more about Dr. Louv and his books on the power of natural settings – he’ a really interesting guy. No doubt you will come to the same conclusion I have:  There is a lot more to wilderness fishing trips than the fish. Take a moment and tell us about your past fishing trip and what it’s meant to you, your family, and your friends.

Give our trip planners (Krista or Meryl) a call to book your appointment and cure. Take care!
As always, its great to hear from you

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