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Trophies?… Let Me Tell You About Mine and Possibly Yours

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistThis past January, I met a couple of guys at the Chicago All Canada Show who create replica game fishing trophies.  They are from Hawick, Minnesota. Well I was still feeling the warm afterglow of catching my 47.5 inch Pike up at Whitewater Lake last summer, so I had to wipe the drool from my chin as I looked at their work: in a word – fantastic.

So I said, OKAY let’s make one and placed my order.  Well, I was wowed again this past week on my way to base camp when I picked up my very own replica. The idea of the replica fits into our support of “catch and release” angling. The big fish is still out there and I have the true to life memory for my wall.

So here we are on week one of our fishing reports…and already a trophy Master Angler in the books…so I thought I would share the contact with you. The company is Perma Trophy and their specialty is game fish replicas. Click here for their website.

I love hearing from you and will be meeting many of you this summer as you have your adventure here in the boreal forest of Northwestern Ontario… or you can e-mail me. I always love to chat about fishing. –Joe Pichey

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