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Late Season Push for Master Anglers

As we round out the month of August and ease in September, the Master Anglers begin their late season push. Right on Schedule.  This is my favorite time of the year to go hunting for monster fish as they go on that last big feed prior to winter. It’s not uncommon to have guests register as a double or even triple Master Angler. Many in both species.

29 in Walleye Sept 2010, Dawn outpost Wilderness NorthJust ask Debbie from Trappe, Pennsylvania about her double master angler trip into Dawn Lake.  Debbie is an annual guest and loves looking for the big “golden-eyes”.  She landed not 1, but 2 big girls on a floating jig and worm. The first came in at 27.5 inches. 3 days later, a monster 29-inch walleye decided to take the bait…

Typical patterns work extremely well this time of the year as the walleye seem less picky. Stanley from Stansbury, Missouri, went into D’alton looking for big walleye and was rewarded with a 27.5 inch beauty. This fish went for the jig and leech combo that works so well this time of the year. D’alton is a great spot for trophy walleye each season and has a reputation as one of the best walleye lakes in the Wilderness North family of lakes.

On the pike front, lets head to Machawaian Outpost with the Daniels group from Thunder Bay. Brian tricked a 44-inch “water wolf” on a jig and leech one day after boat mate Matthew landed a 40 incher on a Blue Fox.  Another spot with great numbers is Mojikit Channel.  This walleye hot spot decided to change things up a bit and enter a 41-inch northern pike. Brian Riley, Ohio landed this master angler on a Williams Whitefish. This is Brian’s first time in with us and at 19 years old, we hope not his last.  Way to go Brian!!!  How are you going to top this next year?

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistWe have a big rush of guests heading north in the next few weeks and hope to add some healthy numbers of Master Anglers along the way.  Let’s hope this late season push continues (as we know it will) and some 50 plus inch pike and 30 plus inch walleye are caught and released.  We all know they are out there, we just need to find em’.  Joe Pichey – Outdoor Specialist

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