Last Report of 2012 from Miminiska Lodge - Wilderness North

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Last Report of 2012 from Miminiska Lodge

Ben Lillie had a great trip out at Miminiska two weeks ago, with several other groups, and would like to thank all the staff for making it such a positive experience. The dock hands were very helpful, the food was great, and the lodge staff helped make it very personable. The Lillie party also enjoyed some decent fishing for both pike and walleye. Lending credence to Scott’s article a while back entitled “Changing Colours, Changing Tactics” Ben found that darker lures such as salmon spoons, grey rapalas, and twister tails worked better than brightly coloured ones. He landed in a 37in northern with a daredevil. When jigging around the ‘walleye mine’, just a simple twister tail without a leader or night crawler was sufficient enough for a plentiful catch.

Thanks to everyone for a great summer and we hope to see you all back next year!! 🙂

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