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Last Call…The Books Are Closing

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterSo lets run the ticker tape.  In just a couple of weeks our final groups will be heading home from their early fall adventures…and the absolute 2010 Master Angler Count will be in the record books. What a season it has been. At this moment we have tallied up 163 walleye and 63 pike. The total number of anglers who have the master anglers pins is 54 pike and 89 Walleye. So here is the analysis.

Makokibatan Lodge and Outpost has tallied 142 of the 163 walleye on the books. This truly was the summer of the walleye up on the Albany River. Is it due to the number of anglers that headed out to Makok? Was it the guiding services? Or is the fishery just loaded with giant glass eyes.  Probably yes to all those ideas. We can send you a list of every angler, dates, and tackle selection if you like.

Again in 2010 the big pike came mostly from Whitewater Lake checking in with 54 of the total of 63. This is no surprise since previous records show very big pike – trophy pike – call Whitewater Lake their  home. Second place destination for walleye was Whitewater Lake scoring six and second place for pike was Ogoki Lake with eight.

So what happens next? First we want all of our guests to check the list, to insure that their Master Angler is included. Once we finish the season, we send the information to the OFAH who contact anglers with a certificate of registration.

Guests on both sides of the border will be celebrating Labor Day, this weekend. We hope your long weekend is a good one. There will be NO newsletter next week, and we send out our next edition on September 15th.

Congrats to all of this season’s master anglers, and as always, its great to hear from you!
Alan Cheeseman

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