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Laker’s on a Fly Rod?

scott's profile, Wilderness North staffYou Bet!
You can almost detect a little drool running down the chin of Scott Earl Smith when he talks about springtime lake trout fishing in Ontario. Scott, the Canadian Editor of Fly Fish America magazine, lives in Thunder Bay and is part of our writers resource team. This week he drops off his article on catching these notorious Dogs of the Deep on a fly rod. Now is the time, and again in the colder surface waters of autumn. In the summer they are deep and outriggers are your ticket to success.Scott’s article called Fly Rod Lake Trout, tells the whole story, from tackle selection to fly selection. Once you read it, that might just be drool on your chin.

Arriving guests on Waweig Lake are catching great lakers as a bonus to their night’s stay before their flights in the morning. But not on fly rods.

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