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Koops Scoop Up Walleye at Mim

Well, the weather has finally turned and today bring-eth forth blue skies and warm temperatures to Miminiska, but for how long? It has been no secret that the weather has been bloody crazy up here this summer, but that also makes for bloody good fishing. Tom and Jeremy flew their own plane from Minnesota this past week for a little bit of R&R, something they had been yearning for all year. They managed to get straight into the walleye action and within 2 hours of arrival, were ripping into their first shore lunch of the stay. They were getting it good with walleye all over 18 inches and all fat and healthy ones at that.

The high water here seems to be bringing a whole treasure load of food down the river system and the walleye are benefiting tremendously. I put the Koops onto my secret spot of the Keezhik river mouth, and they did alright until I gave them a tub of GULP ALIVE 4″ Minnows and they said that really turned the tide into great fishing. The Gulp seems to be proving itself quite well with the walleye up here. Even though the Mayflies are about and the fish are eating well, if you dangle that minnow in front of them, they are going to hit it.

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffI still haven’t had the chance to get up the Keezhik and go after the brookies myself with the fly rod, but I’m hoping that before seasons end that I am able to catch one of those babies.
Hoo-roo for this week from Miminiska Lodge.
…Tristan & Jasmine Yuswak

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