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KC’s Picks!

As I started preparing for this challenge, I kind of chuckled as the times in the summer that I do get to fish, are typically unplanned ones. I am usually fishing in the heat of the summer, without my own equipment and using whatever I can scavenge up.

It’s pretty amazing though; going out fishing in these conditions, using broken rods, borrowed lures and whatever else I can find,  still produces some amazing fish!  That being said, I do have my own personal favourites, that I have started to carry with me in the event of emergency fishing :). I like action, so I am all about fishing for walleye in the morning (getting shore lunch of course) and switching to pike fishing in the afternoon and evenings. Each lodge in particular,  I have my favourite spots for different times of the day–reach out to me, I am happy to share that info 🙂 All the tackle I’ve listed can be found at our full service lodge gift shops!

But I do have a confession to make, my choices come mostly from listening to stories on the dock and writing the fishing report weekly! Here is my list!

Jigs and Plastics:

I’m partial to black jig heads with white bodies, and white heads with pink bodies. Stellar colour combos. I use mainly ½ oz jigs and double tailed bodies. I have also had success with black heads and pumpkin tails.

Hot n Tots:

The versatile lure, that works for catching both pike and walleye and is fun to retrieve. Favourite colours for me are: hot tiger, met blue scale/red lip and silver scale.

Hollow Body Frogs:

I love these bad boys!  There’s nothing better than ending a great day going frogging. Take these into a bay after an amazing dinner and watch them work their magic. Through into some weeds or current flowing into a bay and watch the pike explode!

Johnson Silver Minnow:

These weedless lures work wonders for catching fish. Thicker in the middle than at the edges, the angle rocks the lure back and forth as you retrieve it, yet its unique design won’t roll and twist line. With plated silver, the minnow also flashes brighter than chrome or brass as it wobbles through the water. Makes for some fun, afternoon pike fishing!

Gloves & Pliers:

I am not afraid to admit it, I use gloves! They help me get a proper hold on the fish, so I can remove the hook and get it back in the water quickly! Pliers, pretty self explanatory.

Rapala Clipper Combo:

From cutting line, to sharpening jig hooks, this tool is irreplaceable in the boat.


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