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Trip planning season is now upon us. The first trips of the season are about a month away. When getting ready for your fishing trip, there are many things to consider. We often get the question, “Can we drink the water?” At our all-inclusive lodges, the water is clean and drinkable—there is no need for bottled water. The water comes from a sand point in the lake and is filtered several times. Not only is bottled water heavy (about 30lbs per case) it’s not very environmentally friendly. Our lodge staff will be happy to provide you with coolers of water and ice for the boats. Personally, I love the water at the lodges—it’s cool and refreshing for drinking, but also makes a wicked cup of tea (or coffee!)

At the outposts and light housekeeping facilities it is up to you to either boil or treat the water prior to drinking. There are many affordable options for purifying water. You can use the purification tablets or you can get a bit more technical and go for a filter unit. These compact units usually filter about a litre per minute, can be used right from the boat, and fit right on top of a wide mouth Nalgene –perfect for a refreshing drink while on the go. Below I’ve put links in for 3 that caught my eye—they all have good reviews, are priced under $100 and weigh very little. Keep in mind; by reducing water weight, you will have more room for other things—like tackle, and beer! If anyone tries one of the purifiers, I’d love to hear about it.
Until next week, stay warm!

Personal water filters: MSR MiniworksKatadyn MicrofilterMSR Sweetwater

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