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KC’s Korner: Sushi Edition

This week, I picked an exciting topic for my foodie blog. Sushi (sashimi) using freshwater fish.
I researched and found that the topic is fairly controversial.
I am not sure about south of the border, but here in Thunder Bay, sushi is very popular. We have 5 restaurants that serve it in town. I am a big fan and can often be found eating all types of it. I especially love some good sashimi, dipped in a good soy sauce. Hmmm. Now of course, this grosses both Alan and the kids out, but I can say I have had some fantastic raw stuff.

In my research, the majority of the information states that it is not cool to eat freshwater fish raw. Freshwater fish, like walleye and pike carry parasites that are killed when the fish is cooked. Eating them raw, could cause major sickness. I am not sure if water temperature would play a role, but early in the season, I would say the cold water would keep parasites to a minimum.

As part of my research, I chatted to some folks I know about it and again the response was mixed. One said no way, the other said yes, they had eaten raw walleye cheeks. So…who knows? Is it worth the risk?

The following article about raw fish/sushi is a good read:

I’d be interested in hearing everyone’s input. At this point, I think I will ere on the side of caution, and only eat my walleye cooked. That being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sushi. There are plenty of types that are made with cooked shrimp, crab, eel, etc. I love making it, it’s easy and a fun meal to make with friends. Everyone makes rolls and you can experiment and use different fillings.

Here is a fantastic how to guide on making sushi—believe me, once you try and see how easy it is, you’ll be hooked!

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