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Katelyn’s Memo from Miminiska

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffKatelyn Johnson, from Newmarket, Ontario has this week’s fishing report from our Miminiska Lodge on the Albany. Only a few large Pike – one at 38″- were reported. However, Walleye aplenty were taken at depths of 8 to 15 feet, mostly on 3/8 oz jigs with bright white or yellow tails. Spinner baits running sub-surface seemed to trigger what few Pike bites there were, but true to the lake’s reputation trophy Brook Trout were found above the falls.

Project Healing Water’s Mark Snyder is at Miminiska now, and with clearing weather will be the first to run the Keezhik River this season, with North Carolina’s Dr. Tom Doolittle. Both particiapted in our Fall Fly Fishing Adventure in late August of 2007, and are back for more – proving fish aren’t the only living things that get hooked in Northwestern Ontario.  Listen to the report in Katelyn’s mini podcast


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