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Joe comments on Ogoki Lake

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistA few of the questions that I like to ask guests when they are looking for a new lake or camp include:

  • What are you looking for in a fishery?
  • Are you looking for big Walleye?
  • What about trophy Pike?
  • Any interest in Brook Trout?

And nine out of ten potential new guests answer the same. “We want lots of fish and the chance to catch a few wall-hangers.”  (Who ever said fisherman aren’t greedy.) While most Canadian lakes offer good Walleye or Pike numbers with trophy potential, it is rare to find a lake that offers it all.

Ogoki Lake is an exception.
This big, healthy fishery has been producing quality numbers of trophy Walleye and Pike for decades and continues to be a top destination for us each season. After all it is moving water – a wide spot in the 460 mile long Ogoki River.
We have some lakes that produce 28 to 30-inch Walleye and some that produce 50-inch Pike, but Ogoki Lake can be counted on to produce both each year.  This is the main reason that guests re-book at Ogoki each and every year.
Ogoki Lake guests will not even entertain the idea of switching locations and miss out on the opportunity of landing 45-inch plus Northerns – like the 53-inch Northern caught and released by Michigan’s Jim Butcher in 2006 –  along with the countless numbers of 28-inch plus Walleye netted each summer.

While Ogoki Lake is a wide open body of water, guests find success fishing the banks and timber when the water rises, and those great drop offs around rocky islands. Changing water levels will typically get the trophy fish going. Be prepared to cast, troll, jig, drift and even sit in the cabin while the storm passes. But one thing is for sure, be prepared to catch a good number of trophy fish! Both Walleye and Pike.

Joe Pichey, Outdoor Expert- Wilderness North Adventure Planner

Spring Fishing, Wilderness North

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