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Jigs and Reels at Striker’s Point

It’s been great at Striker’s this season. We welcomed Freddie and his group, long time customers of Wilderness North and it was their first time trying Strikers Point. Freddie says it best:

“With regards to the Big one, we had just finished a Big shore lunch of wallies and had decided to head back over to an area in which Ron and I had fished earlier in the a.m. that produced steady walleye action. When we approached the area our other teammates had taken some lunch conversation and decided to beat us to the drop hole , thus out of luck for that spot. Ron and I made the call to do a drift on the other side of the small island which looked good for structure (Rocky with drop off) and had asked Joe (our guide) to turn the motor off when in line with a good drift. It was on the tail end of the drift when I had the strike and obviously knew that it was not a walleye and the whatever I had on was peeling my (6lb) light line with a jig like no tomorrow. Fishing for walleyes since I was a kid, I have been cleaned off by pike many, many times as I am not suited up with the  heavy hardware  needed for pike. Of course I have caught 10 lb. pike on my 6 lb. line with jigs before and even on this trip, but knew I had a much larger fish on the end of my line this time. Having fished for steelhead, salmon etc. you kind of get a sense when a fish is holding and you know or sense when he is going to run again, there is no way to muscle him in as the outcome will be a loss in your corner. Needless to say the fish was spooling me out and had got Joe to start up the motor to recover some line .After approximately 30 mins of playing this fish out, it started to surface coming towards the boat; at this point the excitement elevated! You could see where the jig was positioned and I stated to the guys he may spook when he is at water surface and all could be lost. I reached over for the net knowing Ron and I have played out and netted lots of fish for one another over the years. Of course you always have that fear of last second turn of the pike’s head cutting your line, but Ron muscled it in the net no questions asked! Now the high fives, screaming and shouting started as we headed over to the other boat to boost and verify what all the excitement was about. We weighed and measured the fish, took pictures and then I took the time to revive him for the chance for someone else to enjoy on a great trip to Striker’s! Thanks for an amazing time!”

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