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It May Be September, But Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

While September may mark the begining of another school year and the end of summer holidays, it does not signal the end of fishing season –despite all those adds for fall and end of summer projects. As those who stayed with us last week will tell you, the weather is still perfect for a day out on the water, and there continues to be great fishing in the North. As Graham points out in the weather report, Armstrong experienced record highs with temperatures reaching the high twenties, or mid eighties, as warmer temperatures continue…. so much for the early winter theory!

Other stories this week include record setting catches at Miminiska, the classic tale of catching trophy northerns while fishing for walleye out at Striker’s, a tasty way to hold on to summer, and as promised, Scott’s guide for mastering the choppy waters and late summer storms. Stay tuned for more great fishing adventures coming this weekend. Congrats to a fresh class of master anglers and, as always, it’s nice to hear from you!

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