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…It’s Officially Summer

Graham Saunders WN weathermanSeasonal temperatures, considerable sunshine and mainly light winds were common during the last week. Showers were widely scattered and potential problems with wind conditions were rare. Thunderstorms were widespread overnight and today will feature mainly cloudy skies and some thunderstorms, although rain amounts are likely less than overnight. Most locations will see clearing skies later today, followed by mainly sunny conditions and afternoon temperatures in 70s F (21 to 26 C).

This year’s Summer Solstice took place on Monday, June 21st. It was the “longest day” of 2010, although long daylight hours have been happening for weeks. The change to less daylight is a gentle transition. Canada Day (July 1) and the US Independence Day (July 4) have only about five fewer minutes of daylight when compared to today. And, for those who dread the approach of winter – the heat of summer, if we pay attention to averages, is still four weeks in the future. In any case, enjoy the light!

All this light can frustrate astronomers! It is possible to glimpse Comet McNaught in the coming week. It is near the bright star Capella in the northeast sky, but “seeing conditions” are compromised by light. In Wilderness North locations on the Albany and Ogoki River systems the overnight sky features civil, then nautical, then astronomical twilights. In other words, the sky never becomes pitch black. The darkest skies happen around 2 a.m. That’s when bears roam a bit looking for a bedtime snack as well. HMMM?
…Graham Saunders

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