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It’s Just Like Coming Home

With the season rapidly coming to a close, I just wanted to take a moment to again personally thank everyone at Wilderness North for yet another, “once in lifetime” experience that we all enjoyed so much this past June at Makokibatan. Since our first trip in 1997, and each year that we’ve been able to return, it feels just as if we’re coming home. What is there not to like/love about Makokibatan; other than the time spent is always too short. I’ve had the good fortune of having fished across Canada since 1959 and I truly believe that Makokibatan is the finest walleye fishery for both trophy size and numbers caught. I can’t tell you how many days we have tired from catching so many fish. Yet, as world-class as the fishery is, so is the staff and the services they provide. The lodge is just the right size, with a welcoming atmosphere, and offers all the amenities we could ask for. But the best part, is that it’s only 268 days until we’re able to return again next year. God willing, I’ll see you in June.

Many Thanks,
Charlie, Michigan

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