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It’s A Family Affair

Wilderness NorthWe have come to that time of year when families all get together for the Holidays.
Like you, Krista, the girls, and I enjoy looking back at 2008 and remembering the good times & the good folks we have in our lives. Also like you, we’re looking ahead to 2009.

Wilderness North guestsRecently, I spoke with Bruce L. a returning guest and friend from Wisconsin. As often happens when I chat with guests, Bruce reconfirmed some beliefs we share at Wilderness North. In this week’s podcast Bruce reminds us all that conservation is something we ‘are’ – not something we ‘do.’ He is quite knowledgeable about VHS disease, and its threat to fisheries everywhere. He has some clear ideas about the use of live vs. artificial bait and about keeping fishing logs or diaries about angling experiences. Bruce also reminds us that a fishing trip to Canada is not just about the fish. In fact, he says “fishing is secondary to the campfires and camaraderie of being in the pure northern wilderness with your family and friends”. You can listen in here.

Wilderness North fly in fishingAll of us are aware of the economic challenges every family faces heading into 2009, so, we have decided to extend our 10% Reel Deal offer through to the end of the year. Guests, who can pay for their 2009 trips in full, by cheque, receive the Reel Deal 10% discount. If paying by Visa or MasterCard, the Reel Deal discount will be 7%. With the Canadian/US currency exchange rate of around 20%, a total savings of 30% is available now to guests. In addition, Northwest Air Lines seems to be having a sale on flights from many US cities to Thunder Bay. If you are driving up from the US, gasoline prices are the lowest they have been in a few years, and we are told they should remain low through the summer. Our trip planners stand ready to find the dates and destinations of your choice so that you have something really important and really valuable to look forward to in the coming year.

Here’s to wishing you the best this Holiday has to offer to you and your family.
The Cheeseman’s

Happy Holidays, Wilderness North

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