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Is This a Spring Tease?

Probably not. But the recent warm days (35f+) did feel nice. Last week it was warm enough to melt about four inches of our snow build up here in Thunder Bay but our temps will likely be more seasonable – high 17 low 5 – for the next ten days.

Officially, it was a very cold January- no new records, but – hey, this is Canada. Most winter roads are now open, with large transport trucks moving heavy materials to outlying remote communities, but the clock is ticking on those roads too. My best guess is another 40-45 days, unless another big thaw comes along.

When temps rise, so does the chance of freezing rain, and I have included my most recent article on the subject in the “Weather Whys” I prepare for the Thunder Bay Chronicle. Read the article here.

Wilderness North staffHowever, warm is the story of the day and on this week’s podcast I take a look at the past 110 years of temperature records here in Northern Ontario, and give you some insight on the impact of global warming on the boreal forest. Listen in Now.

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