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Is the Fat Lady Singing?

Alan & KristaIf our adventure season was an opera – this would be the week the “Fat Lady Sings.” With our final group still to come back from ZigZag we are beginning the process of concluding the season and getting ready for another Ontario winter. Before that happens and we board up cabins and lodges, we have some docks to build, and repairs to complete so that in May 2010 we will be ready for you and your group.

Our summer was cooler – in fact record breaking cool – but our fisheries produced catch to cast ratios that Ontario’s remote lakes are known for. In fact we now have 85 pike over 40 inches and 80 walleye in our Master Angler record books. Joe Pichey posted a 48-inch beauty last week, probably the largest of the big pike of 2009 and his report will confirm the power of the late summer fishing we have had these past 20 days.

Northwestern OntarioAs we reflect on the 2009 season, we are grateful for both the groups of guests we were given the privilege to serve, and to our faithful and hard working staff. We know the economic conditions prevented many folks from having an adventure this year, however, we think the recent good news about the economic upturn and the fact that we will NOT be raising prices from their 2008 levels opens the door to 2010 for many who wanted to – but just could not make the 2009 trip.

We are thankful for those of you who have all ready booked for next year and remind others of the Reel Deal, a chance to save 10% by booking and paying early. The volatile exchange rate – the power of US dollars to buy goods and services in Canada – may also be in your favor right now.

We love to hear from you…and we will be keeping in touch by sending out newsletters every 20 days or so during the “off” season. We always value your comments and questions. Send them to us here or call at 888-465-3474. –Alan & Krista

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