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Is Summer Over..? Not Quite!

Graham Saunders WN weathermanA change in the weather is in process. Conditions during the last week were defined by a ridge of high pressure. It delivered considerable sunshine and, especially in recent days – HEAT and humidity. Some records were set in Armstrong and other locations. Temperatures reached the mid and high 80s F but high humidity created “feels like” reading of 100 to 103.

The ridge had prevented cool air and two cold fronts from more typical west to east movement. It started to break down on Monday with intense lightning and some heavy downpours, especially in the Fort Hope and Miminiska area. Yesterday and today featured more of the same in the region.

The following days will have a pronounced cooling trend with some shower activity. It still looks cool on the coming weekend but with considerable sunshine. Is this it for summer? Probably not! Seasonal temperatures are likely to return in about one week.

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