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Is it Spring or Is It Summer?

After the heat we experienced in late May do we dare think this is the summer season?
Temperatures in Northwestern Ontario (NWO) and indeed much of central North America shifted in later November last year from seasonal to below average. This pattern persisted with only occasional one or two day breaks of average or warmer breaks to . . . later May. Six months of winter or quasi winter and then a leap to between 80° and 88°F (27° to 31° C). This heat wave forced a quick green up in NWO and ended remaining ice cover in most locations.

remote Ontario fly in adventuresThe past winter and the winter/spring that followed has featured persistent cold and snow amounts very similar to the winter of 1995-96. The recent weeks continue the comparison with a very short spring season, considerable sunshine and a rapid green up. One of the oddities of May 1996 was how quickly inland forest areas transitioned from snow in the bush early in the month to a forest fire season by the end of the month. One of the problems in 1996 was late ice out and limited access for water bombers. The warmth in late May did set up conditions for forest fire potential but a slow moving low pressure system in recent days saturated NWO, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Many daily or two day rain records were set in the above areas.

Wilderness North staffThe next couple of days look good for outdoor activities but more cloud and showers are likely to follow. The showers probably will be inconvenient but not enough to cause nuisance flooding. Temperatures during the period will be near seasonal…. Graham

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