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Is it Really the Fish?

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterFor many of you who read this column a lot you know Chris Clemmons. Not only is he a great guest – but a National Champion Walleye Angler. He comes up at least once a year, and he and his group are coming back in September.

You would think, for a dawn to dusk angler it would be all about the fish. Now believe me these guys keep records that would make a banker envious. However, his recent thank you note to Krista and I began like this:

“Our trip into Whitewater Camp couldn’t have been scripted much better. Despite not landing a single trophy Pike or Walleye we had a fantastic time.  And though we had our opportunities at a couple trophies, we learned there is more to a successful adventure than tallying Master Angler fish.”

Chris Clemmons, WN resource staffIn July Chris was on Whitewater Lake at Whitewater Lodge.
Well, not only was it great to get his note, but he wrote a nice essay about his trip and the many Plus-Plus-Plus items that are derived from a wilderness fishing adventure beyond catching fish. He’s a good writer, and I will send his very enjoyable article,”Good For The Soul” …  if you click here to request one by e-mail.

On a similar note, as I was reading this week’s reports from our staff and lodge operators, I realized that our guests are most likely to discuss the same benefits from their trips. Read on…or, better yet, let us introduce (or reintroduce) you to the remote and remarkable boreal forests lakes and streams of Northwest Ontario…North America’s last vast wilderness.

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