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Interesting Week at Makok

Meryl CarrollHello from the the Albany River’s Makokibatan Lodge and Outpost cabin.
This week was described as absolutely wonderful, interesting, accommodating, and the food was wonderful. The “prince of guiding,” as Pat from Duluth Minnesota describes him, Eli Baxter, guided Pat and his friend Brook from Nasswa, Minnesota for three days. On the first day, they went to the south channel and caught about ten brookies, two of them were 19-inches and over three pounds. The next day they went upstream to the rapids. Then they had the day on the lake; no real big ones but they caught at least 30 walleye before lunch, just over 24-inches. Pat has now been guided by three generations, Eli, son of Eli, Norm, and grandson of Eli, Rex.

The Rolbiecki father and son group, Jim and John from Minnesota also had a productive time on the Albany. Jim caught a 27-inch walleye and lots of more in the 20+ inches. “Lots of fish,” they said and the shore lunches have been great!
…by Meryl and Bernard Carroll

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