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Hot Temps – Hot Fishing

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutI checked my fishing log. One year ago, I was in six layers and boy was it cold… Last week – t-shirts and shorts – as temps climbed into the low 80’s. With just a few guests at Striker’s Point Lodge, I have NO Master Anglers to report, but I can tell you the big pike are in the shallows – the weedier the better – while the walleye are stratified in 12-19 feet.

Northwestern Ontario sceneryWe did have a group of wildlife scientists in camp. This group of five – from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay – were doing the field work on a study to determine the impact of forest fires and clear cut areas on the habitat of woodland caribou. You may recall that Striker’s Point Lodge is in the heart of the Wabakimi Provincial Park – more than 2.5 million acres of protective boreal forest – designed to safeguard this species at risk.

Our final guests of the season, are here now, and we expect to close Striker’s Point Lodge one week from today – so I will have my year-end recap for you next week.
Tyler Lancaster

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