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Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Bob Doolittle, winner of the 2005 Ontario Pike Angler of the year award from Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters OFAH, dropped us a note this week about a new relatively inexpensive GPS system. Bob wrote:
Wilderness North gear review“Just a quick note. Bushnell makes a gadget called “Backtrack” that retails for $69 but is $52 at Amazon.com. It lets you set home base and up to three other locations and then shows the way back to home base with compass directions and distance in miles and feet. Just follow the direction indicated until the distance reads zero or you bump into the dock. It’s good on land or water. It’ll locate your car in a large parking lot, lead you back to your hotel in a big city, OR lead you back to the dock of a Canadian lodge from anywhere on a large lake. Might be of interest to guests or readers of your newsletter”. -Bob

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