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High Water & High Spirits at Whitewater

For our first guests of the summer, their spirits were as high as the water levels here at Whitewater Lodge. The success of the anglers during opening week proves that once again Whitewater lives up to its reputation as a prolific pike and walleye fishery as 9 trophy sized pike and several large walleye were brought to the surface.

Leading the pack, the Johnston party landed six of the trophy pike with three at 44 inches, a 47-inch monster, two 45s and a 40 incher. Not be left out one member also reeled in a nice 29 inch walleye.

Also in camp this past week, the Mapes party put two on the northern pike leaderboard with a 45 and a 43 incher along with several honourable mentions: two 38.5s, two 38s, and an almost there 39-inch pike

Rounding out the group in camp was the Williams party who also had some great success on the water. Jason managed to land a 42-inch sturgeon and a 40-inch pike, while fellow group member Mike Reiss landed a hefty 38-inch pike.

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