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Greetings from Thunder Bay

Hi everyone,
It’s June 22nd, and as Graham states in this week’s weather outlook, summer has officially started.

As you will see in this week’s fishing report from Tyler at Striker’s Point Lodge, Whitewater Lake is teeming with hungry walleye. The past few weeks have been about large numbers, but with summer approaching we should soon see the larger walleye return to their annual haunts making for some exciting times.

Going the distance seems to have paid off as Makokibatan has been a haven for trophies right from the get go… This week was no different proving that the Albany is as fruitful as ever! With multiple master angler walleye, some large pike, and a few brookies, Adam recounts the past events in this week’s Makokibatan fishing report.

Rounding out the week, Krista shares another great recipe in her blog, this one coming from Brian our Chief Pilot. Tried and tested over the ages, Bannock makes a great snack and can also be used in place of bread; leaving more room in your bags or coolers for essential gear.

Speaking of packing, I’m sure after reading about all the action out on the water you’ll be itching to get out and experience it for yourself… if you haven’t been fortunate enough to do so already. For those of you planning an adventure north to one of our outposts or house-keeping lodges, be sure to read Meryl’s post about packing.

There are still openings left this summer and plenty of time to make the necessary plans. Call Krista or Meryl to get the process started.
Happy Fishing, and as always, it’s great to hear from you! Send me an email or post a comment on my blog.

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