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Hey Joe, What’s New?

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I am one of those guys who just can’t wait to see new products emerge in the world of angling. And what I have now discovered is a new product in North America that has quite the reputation in Germany and throughout Europe.

Since 1985, Paladin (Pal-a-deen) Germany has been a leader in the production and distribution of outdoor-related products throughout Europe and they believe with their expansion into the North American market they will be able to competitively offer high-quality, German-engineered products to the fishing and outdoors industry.Marketed in the U.S. as Castalia Outdoors the brand offers multiple products like:

  • The Sharkfin Reel,
  • Liquid Casting Braid,
  • Liquid Steel Leader,
  • The “Grab’n Go” rod and reel combinations, and
  • a saltwater lure called Trick-Fisch®.

Castalia Outdoors debuted the items at the ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) Show at the Orange County Convention Center in July of 2009. The reviews were overwhelming positive. BTW: The Sharkfin Reel is considered the longest casting reel on the market today, and Thomas Maire seems to prove it by winning every world class casting competition he enters. Here is the link to the website. Before you click over, get a towel into which you may drool.

Ever come across an item that you wished you would have invented?
The Fisherman’s Solution – fillet knife might just be what we’re talking about here. It is manufactured by an American Company,(Cutco-Olean, NY) and is without doubt the sharpest, best knife we have ever held in our hands.

Wilderness North Ontario fly in adventuresThe sheath is a whole special story in itself. It has a fishhook sharpening tool built in, a line cutter, and when the knife is removed the sheath serves as a ‘gripper’ to hold the fish’s tail. For a gift or for yourself, if you don’t lose it – – this is the last fillet knife you’ll ever buy, since it has a 100% replacement guaranteed by the 60-year old company that came up with the idea and produces these great knives.They truly are The Fisherman’s Solution! Here’s a link. –Joe Pichey

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