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Hey Joe – What’s Cookin’?

WN staffI’ll Tell You What’s Cookin’!
As many of you know, I have two passions when it comes to the great outdoors.  Fishing of course…PLUS I love to fire up the backyard BBQ and tell stories about “the one that got away,” while sharing a cold one with buddies.

After many failed attempts at ribs, brisket, and other “hunks of meat,” I met Konrad Haskins at his award winning BBQ school. Konrad is a grand champion pitmaster and an outdoors enthusiast. And here’s the good news. We’ve decided to invite him up to Ontario for our first annual  “BBQ’ing in the Boreal” at Striker’s Point Lodge from July 12-17, 2011. Konrad will also be cooking for our soldiers at Project Healing Waters July 7-11th. His gift to the project.

WN resource staffKonrad has been featured on TV, Food Network, radio, and newspapers including the Wall Street Journal. Konrad’s “BBQ INSTITUTE” teaches students the simple and repeatable art and science of  championship BBQ. Our summer event will focus on ribs (both baby back and spares), brisket, pork butt, pork loin, and chicken. In addition, guests will learn the money saving result of educated meat buying, making their own rubs and sauces, and how to “get it right” every time.

All of this and great fishing in Ontario’s Boreal Forest Wilderness? What could be better? The classes will be taught daily during a shore lunch so that guests can still enjoy countless hours on the water. When they come in for dinner, the finished BBQ will be waiting. Yum Yum.  So gather your fishing rods and BBQ tongs and get ready for a delicious time. Okay fine… we’ll provide the tongs.
….Joe Pichey
meat lovers unite

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