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Here Comes a Great Season

Alan Cheeseman and a WN OtterAs of today we are excited about the reports we’re getting back from our guests who came in early about the fishing at ZigZag, Ogoki Lake, and Whitewater Lake. We also know that with recent rains the forest fire risk is going down while lake levels are coming back up. Graham’s article confirms that May was “one for the record books.”

Let me take a moment to answer some questions you have been sending into me:

  • Do I need a boat safety card to run the boats? NO…however, you do need the document we will provide you indicating that we have trained you in safe boat operation. Keep this slip of paper with you while on the lake.
  • Can I bring potatoes across the border? Starting this year, YES. 10 pounds per person is the limit.
  • Are all of your destinations open, considering the low water? Almost. Whitewater Lodge on the west end of Whitewater lake is NOT open, however we are moving those guests with reservations to Striker’s Point on the east end of the lake. The water is too low to safely get planes and boats in and out of the lodge dock area.
  • What about those Internet hook-ups? Okay, you got me there. We’re still wrestling the power supply issue. Consider this year the “beta test” and you may or may not have the service at your outpost destination as we work on the challenge. However, our 2-way radios or sat-phones give guests the constant connection to us they have come to expect.

I always value your comments and questions. Send them to me here or call at 1-888-465-3474.

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