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Help! Someone – Anyone…Will We Run Out of Fish?

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistI’m afraid that if this action keeps up, we will be out of fish by mid June and our late season guests will be “Out of Luck.” Guests are reporting weekly numbers above 2000 walleye in locations like Zig Zag. (No surprise there, eh?) We have had master angler after master angler show up at the front desk with smiles all around as the fishing is as hot as it’s been in 10 years.

Big fish! Little fish! Big fish eating little fish… as they are being reeled in. To quote the great Bill Murray in Meatballs “It just doesn’t matter, what you are throwing at them.” Pink jigs tipped with minnows, big shiny metal spoons, or homemade pike lures that were designed on a cocktail napkin, the fish are feeding and they are in an early season frenzy.

Wilderness North trophy pike fishingWe have had master anglers from Zig Zag, Musgrave, Opichuan, Striker’s Point, Makokibatan, Dawn, and Ogoki.  If you don’t see your lake on here, that means we have not sent a group in yet or it would have made the list. Several groups that come back year after year are reporting that this is the best year ever for both daily numbers and trophy fish.

Younger's2010, Wilderness North guestsThe Paul party from Texas headed into Zig Zag with high hopes to catch big northern pike and came out with band aids covering most fingers as over 2000 fish were landed in a seven-day period. Thank goodness for catch and release! They let us know that they would like to book Zig Zag “from now thru 2018.”  Who says those Texans can’t catch these northern beauties? The Younger group that headed into ZigZag also netted a 29.75 inch glass eye as well as a 27 incher.  Photos on right.

We have had another successful trip by the McMaster boys, eight anglers from right here in Ontario as they headed into Opichuan. Not only did they land a master angler walleye going 28 inches but they also landed several nice brook trout in the River.

I’m sure that as the weather grows more stable and the water warms up, the fish will head a little deeper, but with the low water conditions, they will continue to concentrate and feed at a blistering pace. We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon and as always,  feel free to e-mail me or call me at base camp as I love to talk fishing.

See you soon,
Joe Pichey

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