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Hello from ZigZag

Good morning:
We wanted to thank you and everyone at WN for another great trip to Zigzag. Alan, this was one of the best trips so far and the boys are looking forward to our trip back in 2008.

James Jr, Wilderness North guest 2007Fishing – Probably one of our best years, we hooked into a lot of walleye at the incoming river to the north and the rapids going out on the far east…all 15” to 21”. In addition, we caught a large amount of bigger walleyes just on the other side of the island going into Crescent lake, one 28.5 inch walleye, one 26” and quite a few 23” to 25” all around Noon to 3 PM. The 28.5” beauty I caught was in 12 feet of water, the rest we found in 6’ to 28’.

We parked our boats on the west side of the outgoing water on the east end of the lake, We all could stand on a small rock reef 5 feet from shore, got our boots wet, that was okay as it was warm out. We proceeded to cast our pink, chartreuse jig heads in the river and let them go down in the current, we must have caught at least 50 walleyes, all from 15” to 21” the first 30 minutes. Then it gets interesting, I decided to cast my pink jig head with no leader, 8 lb test in the small pool to the left of the current, first cast…hooked a 35” pike, brought him close to the shore…he got off. My very next cast I landed a 36” pike, took about 15 minutes because she took at least 10 to 12 runs. After a ten minute break and watching my buddy Dave lose a jig to a pike I decided to try my luck again, I had put on a new pink head/pink tail, checked the line and after only three casts I landed a 40 1/4 “ beauty, this one took about 15 minutes as well.

So in 5 casts I had three pike in total measuring over 100” on my line…caught two and lost one, not bad considering no leader, 8 lb test, river current and here is the topper…my 40 1/4” fish had my buddies jig head in his lip. I thought you would like to hear some of the above, the rest of the party all caught some real nice fish. We loved the deep fryer, appreciated the ice on Wednesday, the boats and motors worked very well, nice addition with the pike landing beds (cradles). The cabins the night before we flew in and the breakfast were a very nice touch.

The effort put forth in quickly loading our gear and getting us out as soon as possible is second to none. I recall one trip to Red Lake where we waited for 3 1/2 hours before we flew out…and it was not due to weather, the additional steps WN takes, the condition of the cabins are big factors as to why we will continue to come back for years to come. In closing, again we had a great trip and we appreciate all you efforts in making our vacations very enjoyable. Please see attached pictures of my two fish of a life-time.

Thanks again and have a great summer.
James Edison Jr.
Lake Elmo, MN

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