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Hear the Thunder…See the Lights

Graham Saunders WN weathermanAnother week of above average temperatures! High humidity brought occasional complaints. I am guessing that most people find afternoons with 75 to 84 F (25 to 29 C) summer-like and comfortable. Occasional showers and thunder showers, sometimes with brief but moderate rain have kept the forest fire potential relatively low in the previous seven days.

Thunderstorms yesterday brought more brief rainfall events to many locations. Today, showers are likely to be more scattered. Mainly clear later in the week but more cloud and occasional showers are likely to occur over the weekend.

Northern lightsColour in the night sky
Displays of aurora borealis, the northern lights, are possible over the next two or three nights. Storm activity on the sun’s surface has resulted in eruptions of particles that, because of the Earth’s magnetic field, are more likely to be seen in higher (more northern) latitudes.

The Persiuds is a prominent meteor shower that occurs this time of summer. More than usual “shooting stars” are visible for the next two weeks. With good “seeing” conditions, the peak numbers of 30 to 60 per hour are on August 12/13.

Keep your eye on the sky,

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