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“Healing on the Ogoki” At Striker’s Point

To say that fishing is something to be enjoyed by all is an understatement until you can witness firsthand the magic of a common thread. Not sure if it was meant to shake things up or just a coincidence but there were several boat groups of very diverse people who managed to become fast friends. Mark Snyder’s boat for instance matched him up with Marc a French Canadian and Afghanistan vet from Ottawa, and Harold a rancher and Vietnam vet from rural Texas. The most unusual pairing was probably Terry from Newfoundland, Jonathan from Texas, and the two pilots/right wing conservatives. Despite their differences, age gaps, and diverse backgrounds all 15 of the PHW participants formed a close-knit band of brothers out in the wilderness.

Project Healing Waters, Wilderness North 2012

PHW flag raising 2012

Striker’s proved to be the perfect setting to enjoy some down time and great fishing which the PHW boys took full advantage of. Although he wasn’t able to reel in the big one, Marc caught a 28in pike on his first ever tied fly chalking up a big victory for the novice fly fisher. Team USA rocked the boat in the fishing Olympics. Seamus landed the biggest catch of the week with a 40in pike on a fly rod, but left the photo op to his better looking Pennsylvania brother, Dale, who came close with a 39.5in pike of his own (see header).
Other highlights of the trip included a stoic flag raising ceremony, in which the Americans presented the Canadian group with a brand new flag to replace their old ripped one. Terry’s constant comical commentary and the camaraderie shared between fellow brothers in arms helped ensure that fun times were had by all.

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