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Happy Holidays 2012

Otter pulling Santa's Sleigh, Wilderness NorthAs we wind down the final work week of 2012, my thoughts are partly focused on goals for 2013. We strive to serve our guests with the best remote wilderness experience available and we know that starts long before you arrive at the lodge or outpost. Stay tuned, in January we are launching a new website that will improve your virtual experience with Wilderness North and we look forward involving all of you in this process and getting your feedback.

Our aircraft maintenance team has recently switched our Cessna 185 over to wheel-skis from floats. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to visit the outposts and lodges on the ice in the New Year to carry out a few maintenance tasks. I will be sure to share some photos and stories and we might even make time to wet a line. In fact, I know I am going to make time for that….when you think about it, there’s not many people on this earth that have had the opportunity to fish those lakes in the winter. Hmmm now that’s something to think about…..

For now, I am reminded that I need to focus on next week’s plans, which include a beach, a pool, a bar and a restaurant and not necessarily in that order. Over the holidays (December 24th – January 2nd) our phone lines will be monitored by our aviation / flight following team. Krista, Meryl and I will be checking emails, but, it might take a couple of days to reply. If the replies don’t make any sense, well, you will understand why.

Alan & KristaI hope you have a great holiday.
As always, it’s great to hear from you!
Alan Cheeseman

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